Learn how to use your intuition to help in daily life!! Need more solutions? More answers? Guidance? More Possbilitlies?

Learn the 4 basic main parts of intuition, how they work in everyday life, what discernment is, and how to start using it in everyday life.  

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How can I help you create a soul-aligned better life & reality of your choosing?

A less woo-wooey way to learn to listen to your built-in inner guidance system with discernment.

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Transmute your abundance blocks in all areas of life. Only YOU can take off the chains of your programming and conditioning from family, society, & everything else.

Upgrade old mental and emotional patterns and expand your thinking from limited to limitless.

Healthy boundaries & true self-love

Abundance & Manifesting

Understanding how energy actually works

Sovereignty & Personal Power

&  so much more!!

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Want some insight as to what is going on in your life?

Astrology can help with that!!

Astrology is a great way to become aware of the parts of yourself you didn't realize were there to help you grow, accept, expand, heal, and evolve.

I love to use astrology to give me that heads up on what energy is going on, whether in my personal life or the world.

When Mercury goes into the Koolaid again, which area(s) of your life will it reflect?   

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 Hi, I'm Linda, The Sassy Spirit!!

Intuition & Astro Teacher and Matrix Unplugger

I teach how to use your intuition with discernment, helping in the journey of transmuting those abundance blocks, graduating to life unplugged from the matrix with full sovereignty, acceptance, and a soul-led, fully loved, and joyous life, using science and spirituality with some astrology thrown in the mix!! 
I like to get the heart of the matter: total transparency, extremely bluntly honest, and a full-blown initiator with a whole lot of love.
Ya vibe?

Need some help boosting and strengthening your intuition?

In this free guide, I give you my 3+ best tips on how to strengthen and boost your intuition that actually work so you can "catch" it more!! 

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Shielding Mini-Course

Beginner to Expert Levels

Learn to protect and filter out energy that does not serve you!!

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Grounding Mini-Course

Beginners to Expert Levels

Learn how to ground your energy and body into the Earth and cleanse out energy that does not serve you out of your energy field. 

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Intuition 101 Learning the Basics Introductory Mini-Course

Everyone has intuition!! It is hard-wired into you

By the end of this series, you will know: 

-->What exactly is intuition, and where does it come from 

-->How the four main parts of your intuition work, and how to start using them in everyday life (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance)

-->What is discernment? Why is it imperative with intuition?

--> An essential thing you need to know is to start using intuition every day!!

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Healing with Sassy Podcast

This isn't the run-of-the-mill Healing podcast! With blunt honesty and transparency driving this bus, I want to help you create a life you love and desire. That means healing, clearing, transmuting, and alchemizing any abundance block, belief, mindset, or pattern that keeps you from attaining just that. 

I want to help you get in alignment and learn to listen to Source, your Soul, and remember your True Self. I do this through teaching and destigmatizing intuition and astrology and using them to your advantage to help you in life. I love taking science, the laws of the universe, and spirituality and putting them together in everyday language to help you in your healing journey of sovereignty.

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Join Us in Raising Those Vibes

Looking to start a daily gratefulness and thankfulness practice to help you heal your way to abundance?

 Do you only look at what you are lacking in life? Lack of money, love, time, or always looking at what you don't have? Since birth, this lack and scarcity mentality has been ingrained into most of us. It is a big abundance block.

Rewiring ourselves mentally and emotionally to be grateful or thankful for what we DO have allows us to raise our vibration and open ourselves up to manifesting an abundance of what we need and want. 

The Gratitude and Thankfulness System Bundle is for you!!

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