Learn how to use your intuition to help in daily life!! Need more solutions? More answers? Guidance? More Possbilitlies?

Learn the 4 basic main parts of intuition, how they work in everyday life, what discernment is, and why you need it with intuition.  

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How can I help you create a better life & reality of your choosing?

A non-woo wooey way to learn to listen to your built-in inner guidance system with discernment.

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Break free of your abundance blocks in all areas of life. Only YOU can take off the chains of your programming and conditioning from family, society, & everything else.

Upgrade old mental and emotional patterns

Healthy boundaries & self-love

Abundance & Manifesting

Understanding how energy actually works

Sovereignty & Personal Power

&  so much more!!

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Want some insight as to what is going on in your life?

Astrology can help with that!!

Astrology is a great way to become aware of the parts of yourself you didn't realize were there to help you grow, accept, expand, heal, and evolve.

I love to use astrology to give me that heads up on what energy is going on, whether in my personal life or the world.

When Mercury goes into the koolaid again, which areas of your life will it affect?   

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Hi, I'm Linda, The Sassy Spirit!!

Intuition Teacher and Matrix Unplugger

My teaching and helping you in your healing come with a kick in the you know what sometimes. No fluffy whip cream and cherries here. I like to get the heart of the matter: total transparency, bluntly honest, and full-blown initiator. 
Also, with a whole lot of love.
No, I won't say it differently. 
Ya vibe?
More About Me Coming Soon

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