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Intuition Development

Intuition 101 with Discernment Course

Intuition can help out with almost everything in life!! What if I told you that you had all the answers, probabilities, solutions, insight, guidance, and more inside you? That you were looking for every day? Your subconscious brain can only get you so far. 

It's learning to listen via intuition that you get all those things. Intuition is built INTO you. It's not spiritual or woo-woo (unless you want to use intuition for that! Then go ahead!!). It's biological, biochemical, and a whole lot of physics!!

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Abundant Life Is a frequency

Awake & Under Renovation Membership Group

Transmuting what keeps you from manifesting a soul-led abundant life is what we do in AUR. 

Self-love and acceptance of TRUE self. 

Finding those blocks in how we are programmed or conditioned that do not serve us (whether in beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, biological, etc.) 

Shifting mindsets and expanding, healing, loving, accepting, and finding true self

Processing and using emotions to heal, get clarity, and so much more

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Beginner Astrology

Astrology 101 Course

There are so MANY uses for Astrology it's not even funny!! I know....I have 24 years of experience. 

Here are some of my favs:

Planning anything out for personal and business life for the week or longer!!

Self-acceptance and love, finding blind spots in my healing journey 

Using the energy that is going on to my benefit!!  When mercury goes in the hatorade....I use it to my advantage!!

Understanding myself and others more. There is so much insight there!!

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Intuition 101 Learning the Basics Introductory Course

Learn what intuition is and where it comes from with science  

Learn the basics of learning to use your clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. 

Learn the critical thing you need to know to start using your intuition to help you in everyday life!! 

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Grounding Mini-course

Beginners to Expert levels

Grounding has many benefits for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health; however, not everyone can go outside at any time to walk around in the grass. Learning to ground at any time of the day, wherever you are energetically, can help you get many benefits.

One of the other most significant benefits is cleaning your energy field (electromagnetic field) through your grounding connection. This way, you can clear out a lot of the energy you pick up through the day through other people (thoughts and feelings), places, and more. 

Grounding takes seconds with a bit of practice. I definitely always say that grounding should be a part of everyone's daily Seriously REAL Self-care!!

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Shielding Mini-Course

Beginners to Expert Levels

Whether you want to filter out other people's energy (thoughts, feelings, etc.) from getting into your energy field, places, etc., OR protect yourself from those who suck the energy out of you, Shielding is one of those ways to do all that and more!! Shielding takes a few seconds with some practice and can be used in many ways, which I will list below. I put it up there with grounding as a daily practice of Seriously REAL Self-Care!! 

One of the main ways that many use Shielding is to protect themselves from psychic attacks, generally when someone sends you some nasty energy. There are many levels of attacks and variations, and shielding can help protect you from many but not all of them. You can also use shields around your house, car, children (with consent), and many other applications. 


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Bundles, Workbooks, Journals, and more coming soon!!

Gratitude and Thankfulness Practice Challenge Bundle


Starting a daily gratefulness and thankfulness practice to emotionally and mentally help you heal your way to abundance. 

Rewiring ourselves mentally and emotionally to be grateful or thankful for what we DO have allows us to raise our vibration and open ourselves up to manifesting an abundance of what we need and want.


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