3. What Can Intuition NOT Help You With. Intuition with Decisions

In this Episode with Healing with Sass, I'm diving into the one thing intuition does NOT help you with and what are a few things it can do. In another episode, I will go into what intuition can help you with in life. How assuming and intuition don't go together and how that can create issues with the choices you make. How can intuition help you with choices and decisions?

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Do you not like the current solutions, answers, or possibilities in a situation at work or in your personal life? Trying to find a different path or a different job? Do you want answers in something like healing your body or anything else?

Well, what if I told you you had all those answers, probabilities, solutions, insight, guidance, and more right inside you? It's called intuition. It is built IN you. It's not spiritual or woo-woo (unless you want to use intuition for that! Then go ahead!!). It's actually biological, biochemical, and a whole lot of physics!! 

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