Healing with Sass



Hosted by Linda Lantz, aka The Sassy Spirit. This isn't the run-of-the-mill Healing podcast! With blunt honesty and transparency driving this bus, I want to help you create a life you love and desire.


That means healing, clearing, transmuting, and alchemizing any abundance block, belief, mindset, or pattern that keeps you from attaining just that.



As a source channeler, teacher, healer, initiator, astrologer, and matrix unplugger, I want to help you get in alignment and learn to listen to Source, your Soul, and remember your True Self. I do this through teaching and destigmatizing intuition and astrology and using them to your advantage to help you in life. I love taking science, the laws of the universe, and spirituality and putting them together in everyday language to help you in your healing journey of sovereignty.


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Episode 4: Biggest Advice for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Zodiac Astrology Signs

🎧 14 min listen

Episode 1: Why Some People Don't Think Intuition Works

🎧 11 min listen

Episode 3: What Can Intuition NOT Help You With? Intuition with Decisions

🎧 27 min listen

Episode 6: How to use Gratefulness and Thankfulness to rewire your mind and emotions to abundance.

Do you only look at what you are lacking in life? Lack of money, love, time, or always looking at what you don't have? What is one way to heal this? Gratitude and Thankfulness!! If you want to find out how this works, listen in today, especially if you are thinking of starting a gratefulness or thankfulness practice!! 

🎧  25 min listen

Episode 5: Coming November 7th, 2022

Why did spooky season feel different this year to some of us? What is going on here?! What shifts are happening, and what does this mean for future holidays?!

🎧 13 min listen

Episode 2: Is this life just an illusion? Why is this even a thing people are wondering about?
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