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How Can AUR help you create a better life of your choosing? (Audio Only)

You already know it starts with you.

You have probably been on that journey for a bit or a while but have wanted to level up more. 

Awake & Under Renovation is to help you accelerate that path of deep transformation and transmutation.

I'm Ready to Start This Journey!!
  • Awake & Under Renovation is a membership group to help you go into yourself and unprogram, uncondition, heal, upgrade, and evolve anything that does not serve you 

You know there are no magical 5 step processes, and no magic wands... only full transparency, blunt honesty, and a whole lot of love. 

Free Will & Abundance are your birthrights

Let's be honest here

You know we've all received programming and conditioning since birth. Some of it serves us, and some of it doesn't. 

A lot is to keep us in our place in the system. Plugged in...puppet strings...nonsovereign 

You've been looking for something in your journey to break free even more. 

YOU can dictate a lot of your life by transmuting the programming and conditioning that does not serve you.

What makes you happy? Is it what you've been programmed to think will make you happy, OR is it soul-led? AKA Discernment 


Awake & Under Renovation can help you on that path

I'm ready!!

How can AUR help you?

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Here are some of the overall themes!!

I generally put a module or mini-course out 7ish times a year. Modules and mini-courses go in order and build on top of each other. They start out with simplicity and move to complexity. 

Here are a lot of themes in AUR:

  • How to find those abundance and other "blocks" or where we are misaligned in how we are programmed and conditioned, the inner child wounds, and more (whether in beliefs, emotions, thought patterns, traumas, dna, etc.) 
  • Shifting and transmuting and expanding mindsets, healing, loving, and accepting true self
  • Understanding what and how the energy is doing at a core level. If you know that, then you can use it to your advantage. I love to use the Laws of the Universe to help with understanding. 
  • Processing, transmuting and using emotions to heal, get clarity, and so much more
  • Sovereignty in all ways in life. Source and Soul-led life. 

There is so much more packed into every module!! Check out my video below on what's in the modules so far!!

Modules So Far!!

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What is in AUR? (Audio only)
Short Glance At Current Modules & Mini-Courses
  • How do you pick up negative energy, and how does it affect you mentally, emotionally, & physically. There are two mini-courses on how to ground, cleanse, and shield against unwanted energy. 
  • Stuck? Expanding, upgrading, and shifting mental patterns that keep you limited in life 
  • Abundance blocks: how to find them (2 mini-courses and two modules on that!!) and clear, heal, upgrade them. 
  • Personal power, sovereignty, identity, love, money and the system, evolution, intuition, goals, choices, paths, healing, manifesting, and More.

There are also guides, readings, workbooks, and more to help you in your journey. Most videos have detached audio, so you can listen on the go!! There is a mobile app too!! One-on-one and group accelerated healings. 


I'm Linda Lantz

The Sassy Spirit

I've healed A LOT of crap in my life...everything from family "curses" to childhood traumas and everything else in between. I've probably been there and done that when it comes to healing. LOL It's a lifelong pursuit, but it has to be done!!

My understanding of all aspects of us and healing is what I'm pretty darn good at!! Whether that is physically, mentally, emotionally, or energetically. I always love to bridge the gap between science and spirituality as much as possible. 

Now I use what I've learned, healed, experienced, and more to help people like you heal your shizzz. Humanity is in a state of evolution, and each of us needs to do our part individually. 

"One of the best investments I’ve made in myself. These modules helped me get out of my own way when dealing with emotional baggage, like trauma and generational programming. Linda is a wordsmith when it comes to explaining the universe and our role in it. I love how each module builds on the previous one and how she refers to which module she’s pulling information."

- Heather Ferguson
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