Make Your Own New & Full Moon Horoscope

with the

Complete New Moon & Full Moon Toolkit & Companion Mini-course


 A simple, easy to understand practice laid out for you to make your very own personalized horoscope for each new and full moon all in one place.

Know exactly where in your life the next new or full moon is going to highlight and use that information to help you in life!!


No experience needed. Great for complete beginners. No memorizing.

I'm ready to start!!

Bonus!! The New & Full Moon Toolkit also helps you easily learn how to harness, maximize, and use this energy and insight to your highest advantage in different ways!!

I teach you to use the insight from your horoscope to help you with healing, manifesting, self-development, and more.

Maybe you've thought Astrology or horoscopes are:

  •  Complicated & takes a lot of time
  • Too much memorizing or you think you can't do it because you have no experience
  • Don't know where to start & overwhelmed
  • Don't know what to do with the information
  • It's all just woo-woo and don't understand how this information and insight can help you

Listening to Astrologers can be insightful, BUT how about you be your own personal astrologer?

I've been a student of astrology for 25 years ongoing, and I advocate and teach others to use astrology to understand what energy is doing inside and outside of us and use it to your advantage!!

What does the New Moon & Full Moon Toolkit with companion mini-course help you with exactly?

  •  An easy, simple, plug-in 3 step process to make your own personal horoscope for each new and full moon 
  • Learn where exactly in your life the next new or full moon is going to highlight
  •  Learn to use this information to help you in life with healing, self-development, manifesting and more
  • Our emotions are the key to everything in this Earth school. If you want to change something in your life, make it better, heal, grow, evolve, etc., it all goes back to your emotions—the MOON. Learn to use this information to help you understand how you are manifesting what you are in your life.
  • Learn to use this information to get clarity or guidance on your feelings
I'm ready to get started!!

You can choose: let your emotions dictate your future, or you CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE.

What is included in the New & Moon Toolkit and Companion Mini-course?

*How to get your free natal birth chart. Directions are in the toolkit and a video is in the companion mini-course

 *All 2023 new & full moons dates, times, what zodiac sign, and degrees so you don't have to look that up (mini-course members will get 2024 dates for free)

*Basic understandings of the moon, new moons, and full moons so you don't have to find that either. More in-depth video in the companion mini-course

*Basics of each zodiac sign, their symbols, rulers, elements, and modalities so you don't have to hunt for that information on the interwebs 

*Learn how to find each new and full moon in your chart and where in your life is it highlighting. In-depth video in the companion mini-course.

*Basic understandings of each of the 12 Houses

*Example page taking your through the simple plug-in 3 step process to make your own horoscope. In-depth video on how to do this in companion mini-course as well as an extra video on more examples of horoscopes.

*Space for journaling or putting down some notes to help you see how you feel or decide if there are any areas you would like to heal, manifest, get clarity or insight, and more on with each new and full moon. Video in the companion mini-course taking your through this process. 

*Space for planning what would you like to do with this energy!! There is also a video just on ideas of what you could do with these energies in the companion mini-course. 

*Space for reflection. How did you manifest with this energy? Examples are included in a video in the companion mini-course. 

***My knowledge, experience, and wisdom 

***Print or use the PDF toolkit as a reference. Includes different types of pages you can print off taking you through the process. You can also get a moon journal or just use a scrap of paper to write on it and use the toolkit as a guide!!

The New & Full Moon Toolkit Plus the Companion Mini-course is valued at $50

Get BOTH today for only $33!!

PDF of Toolkit ONLY


Download immediately.

1 Video included inside to take you through the toolkit. 

I want the toolkit only and not all the extra videos and trainings.

Toolkit & Companion Mini-Course


Access to portal where you can download the toolkit, watch the videos, and more!!

I would like the PDF toolkit AND the super awesome companion mini-course!!

Get the Fantasy Moon Online Card Deck


Usually $20

Fantasy Moon deck includes cards on each phase of the moon and the moon in each zodiac sign

Use to help you make your horoscope

Use for readings or insight in helping understand your emotions

Get 2 pdf files (1 for printing and 1 for referencing/learning), a video of the deck for readings

 Trainings on ways to use deck, do readings with pdfs and video, and how to print/make your own deck with the files all in one online portal!


Can add-on at checkout or purchase here separately (not on sale)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!! I keep everything really simple!! That is my motto when it comes to astrology. 

The toolkit also helps you learn to use that information in many ways like manifesting, insight on your emotions and what they are trying to tell you, what do you need to heal, and more!!

YES!! You do get extra information and processes in the Astrology 101 course on full and new moons and eclipses, houses and more as well as more in-depth on the moon and the zodiac. This toolkit will help you harness what to do with that information!! 

Due to the nature of the downloadable content, I generally do not give refunds or exchanges. You can totally email me at [email protected] and we can discuss it. 


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