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Grounding & Shielding Mini-courses 

For Beginners to Expert Levels

Watch this interactive video below!! You control what you watch. Pick if you want to know about grounding or shielding or Both!! 

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***I suggest watching the interactive video for more detailed information, and I have a special offer separate from this one I talk about in the video!

Grounding and Shielding DO NOT protect you from bad things happening or make all your issues, emotions, and problems go away. It is seriously real self-care TOOLS to help you in daily life.*** 

Shielding 101 Mini-Course

Beginner to Expert Levels

Learn to protect your energy from psychic attacks, energy vampires, or just other people or things. Shielding can be used for many things, including filtering out energy you pick up from the day that does not serve you.

Think about how much energy you pick up just from walking around the grocery store, going to work, or being in traffic. Most people don't even realize that quite a bit of the thoughts and emotions they have are not theirs.....

Let's fix that with an easy peasy, made in a few seconds, good ole energy shield.....

What's in the mini-course: 

  • What is shielding (using some science!!)
  • All my tricks and tips from the many many years
  • How to start a shielding practice and how to make a shield for beginners to expert (Each level has a different type of shield. You can combine different techniques and methods as well)
  • Other applications of shielding (like your car or house)
  • Avoiding Shielding Blunders (what not to do) 
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Grounding Mini-Course

Beginner to Expert Levels

Grounding, or some call it Earthing, has many benefits for our mind, emotions, and body. You can google that. There is plenty on the subject including scientific and medical studies. However, we all can't just go run outside during work to walk around in the grass. Learning to ground our energy field into the Earth can help us get many of those benefits wherever and whenever we need it. Even in a 50+ story building. 

Another significant benefit to a daily grounding practice is being able to cleanse your energy field through your grounding connection from the energies you pick up in the day that do not serve you. Again, think about how much of others peoples energy you are around at work, or the grocery store, etc. 

What is in the grounding mini-course: 

  • How grounding works and bit more on what it is
  • How to start a grounding practice for beginners to expert levels (Each level builds on the last. The end goal if chosen is to be permanently grounded at level expert.)
  • How to cleanse your energy field through your grounding connection (then shield so you don't get it all back in there) 
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