Gratitude and Thankfulness Practice System


 Starting a daily gratefulness and thankfulness practice to emotionally and mentally help you heal your way to abundance.

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Do you only look at what you are lacking in life? Lack of money, love, time, or always looking at what you don't have? This is why you keep manifesting more lack....

Since birth, lack and scarcity have been ingrained into most of us. It is a big abundance block. 


Rewiring yourself mentally and emotionally to be grateful for what you DO have allows you to raise your vibration, get out of the engrained lack belief system, and open yourself up to manifesting abundance. It can also help you clarify what you actually want and need, not what society has told you that you should want or need.


Do you even notice that you block your own blessings? Your own abundance? Can you even take a compliment? Do you feel guilt or an extreme need to do something for someone who has given or done something for you? Entitled attitude maybe? Like they should have done that for you bc ____ (fill in the blank).... Yea, that's an issue. A thankfulness practice helps you heal that so you stop blocking your abundance. 

This system is a bundle of tools to get you thinking and feeling gratitude and thankfulness.

It's specially designed for anyone who thinks or feels like they cannot be genuinely grateful or thankful for anything in life, much less feel or tune into these energies.

When it comes to manifesting and healing, we need to address our thoughts AND feelings. This is why people who just think, write down, or just say what they are grateful or thankful for will only get so far....or nowhere.

This system was designed with resources and tools to do more than just right down some things to be grateful for in your daily life.

What is in the system bundle

Gratitude or Thankfulness Checklist (only a 4 step system) to keep you on track

Gratitude prompts in case you can't think of anything to be grateful for

Process for tuning into gratefulness and thankfulness and feeling these energies in the body to rewire ourselves emotionally.

How to DIY Gratitude and Thankfulness Affirmations

PLUS advice, tips, and tricks so you can do the affirmations in daily life without taking extra time to get yourself thinking differently.

Video taking you through the process. PDF that can be printed (US Standard) or you can use as a guide in your own journal.

Can be used like a gratitude or thankfulness workbook or gratitude and thankfulness journal or both.

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Video training on how to use the bundle is included!!

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