Online Fantasy Moon Card Deck

Perfect for doing readings, practicing using your intuition, referencing or learning astrology, or getting insight and understanding your feelings!!

Online portal to your Moon card deck is accessible in your browser on your phone, tablet, or desktop.
Includes video trainings, 2 types of PDF files of the moon card deck (viewing and printing), as well as a video of the card deck for readings!!
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What's in the Fantasy themed Moon card deck: 

  • All the moon phases, eclipses, and void of course
  • Moon in each zodiac sign
  • Tarot size cards

What is inside the online portal:

  • Training on different ways to use the deck 
  • PDF doc for download of each card
  • PDF doc for download for printing if you want to make your own card deck
  • Video of the card deck - just push play and do your reading!! Video is also downloadable.
  • Video training on how to use the pdfs and the video of the card deck to do readings, practice using your intuition, as a reference guide or learning astrology, or get insight on understanding your feelings 
  • Video on How to print and make your own deck & PDF of printable deck in different ways!!

I've been a student of astrology for 25 years and doing readings for 21 years. I highly advocate and teach others to use astrology to understand what energy is doing inside and outside of us and how to use your intuition with discernment—using these to your advantage in life with healing, manifesting, and self-development.

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Your Fantasy Moon Online Card Deck portal

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